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with stud welding technology in the shipbuilding and offshore industry

High speed fastening systems

HILBIG always looks for the best solutions for the demands of its customers. Since the foundation in 1985, the company HILBIG acts as a globally active specialist for stud welding technology in the shipbuilding and offshore industry. It is our aim and essence to offer our customers a technical and time-saving edge with our patented products as well as the highest quality of both products and services to ensure a successful and trustful relationship.

Saves time and money

Increases productivity

Promotes competitiveness

Stud welding replaces conventional, lavish procedures like prepunching, drilling, threading, bolting, and retorting.

Various Hilbig high speed fastening systems such as;

developed for steel and aluminium shipbuilding

Individual solutions for your specific demands are self-evident for us, just as flexibility and reliability concerning the availability of our products.