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An economic use is the adjusting of site connection with Hilbig aluminium bridges, short threaded studs and tensile nuts. Particularly while working with high-grade steel, aluminium or other expensive alloys the cost of material saving is not to be neglected.

Aluminium bridges

Aluminium bridges type ALB

Tensile nut

For every panel-thickness there are different stud dimensions and tensile nuts available

M12 for aluminium and steel construction with panel thickness up to 15 mm.

M16 for specially heavy steel constructions for panel thickness more than 15 mm.

To make a choice, it is necessary to know in which panel thickness area the constructions is done. It also depends on the quality of the distortion of the panels. If possible only one system should be used.

Threaded stud

Aluminium bridge type ALG

In addition to the normal aluminium bridges type ALB 120/1 which are placed crosswise to the seam, long aluminium bridges type ALG 120/2000 and type ALG 120/6000 can be used in addition, in parallel with the seam, to decrease the whole distortion of the weld about the length or to exclude it entirely. On this occasion, the best effects are achievable in the metal thickness area up to 8 mm. Because they are adaptable, long aluminium bridges can also be used for longitudinal shell seams.

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