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Whether its stud welding machines or stud guns, every device needs maintenance or repair service, spare parts service and/or exchange service. If requested our highly trained field service is at your disposal.

HILBIG not only develops and distributes welding studs, quick assembly systems and mounting for the shipbuilding industry, but it also offers their customers consultation and advice regarding welding and application.

Even if, for example, your stud welding machines or stud guns become inoperative, HILBIG doesn’t only offer repair and maintenance, but also offers you a practical rent service so your production process won’t be interrupted even in exceptional situations.

Problems are solved, challenges met

Cooperation for preparation and implementation of welding procedure qualification and operators check for stud welding.

Not only for the companies who work in a general technical approval area, qualification of the welding procedure for welding of steel constructions (acc. to German Institute for Standardization 18800-7) or operator's check (acc. to German Institute for Standardization EN ISO 14732) for stud welding becomes more and more important.

Since stud welding is a procedure which companies do not exercise daily in either the steel construction- or  shipbuilding industry, they have little experience which makes preparation and the implementation of the welding procedure qualification and operator's check for stud welding often time consuming.

For a long time there is a collaboration between HILBIG and the SLV Nord to meet this challenge, especially after the SLV Nord has moved into the neighborhood.